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How do I thaw and serve the meals?
What are add-ons? How do I feed?
Should my pet lick up the meat jus/liquid?
Can I request for you to pack meals into my containers instead of using plastic?
How long can I keep the add-ons for?
My pet is on medication – can I still feed raw?
My pet does not chew bones properly, has regurgitated or pooped out pieces of undigested bone.
Is ground bone paste safe to eat in Sous Vide meals?
Can I feed the meals frozen to my pet?
My pet has vomited / regurgitated soon after eating
My pet refuses to eat the Omega+ whole fish
Is BOM BOM licensed?
My pet is having diarrhoea.
Fussy Eaters' Guide
Are there parasites / worms in raw ? Do I need to deworm if feeding raw?
How long can our food stay fresh in the fridge?
How long can our food stay fresh in the freezer?
What should my fridge and freezer temperature be?
How long can I leave food out for?
Can I thaw and re-freeze and feed thereafter?
Do I need to rinse the meat before feeding?
Will my family contract Salmonella or E.Coli because I'm feeding my pet raw food?
Can I use the microwave to thaw the meats?
Can I swap over immediately to feeding BOM BOM?
Can I feed kibble / freeze dried / dehydrated treats / canned food and BOM BOM meals?
Will my pet choke from eating too fast?
My pet is toothless and can't chew their food
How early can I start my puppy or kitten on BOM BOM?
Can I feed BOM BOM to my geriatric dog?
My pet is a fussy eater and only wants cooked food or kibble
My pet is a fussy eater, I don't know which meat flavour to order
Why is my pet avoiding the offal / organ meat?
My Pet is skipping meals. My pet is not finishing meals
How many meals should I feed per day?
Can I make further adjustments to the diet other than what is suggested by your system?