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Meal portioning and metabolic factors
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Rotation of Offals
Why is there a price change for different orders, even though it is the same meat selection?
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Can I request to change the bone type for my pet?
Can I change meat / protein for my upcoming delivery?
Can I order add-ons separately from a meal order?
How do I trial / rotate / challenge proteins and allergies using add-ons?
My pet has elevated liver ALT enzymes, renal damage, Irritable Bowel Syndrome ( IBS ), struvite or gall bladder crystals, fungal / yeast infections, UTI - can BOM BOM help?
How do I order?
Is it ok for my pets to exclude bones and offals in their meals?
My pet has dental tartar / plaque, how can BOM BOM help?
Does BOM BOM offer trial or sample packs
How do I decide on the weight goal?
How do I order for my second pet?
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Can I choose the ratio of offal and bones?
What if the portions are insufficient or too much for my pet?
What are Fixed Offals?