BOM BOM provides 3 meal plans:

Transition Plan: A gentle and limited plan for those new to raw feeding; in need of allergy elimination; or starting simple for pets with sensitive guts. Offals will be matched/fixed to the muscle meat type selected in the meal plan. Ground bones will be the default bone option unless you opt for bone exclusion. The only meal balancer available is Fibre+.

Standard Plan: For pets familiar with raw-feeding, this will provide nutritionally optimised meals with access to all options such as: meal balancers, offal rotation, and bone types.

Advanced Plan: For experienced feeders who know exactly what their pet’s nutritional requirements and tolerances are. Meals will be constructed accordingly to your specifications for all components. Please note that nutritional support will be limited if you choose Advanced Plan.

Choose Transition Plan:
1. If you are uncertain of your pet’s allergies
2. If you are new to raw feeding
3. If your pet has a sensitive gut
4. If your pet has not discovered minimum of 3 proteins to rotate

Message BB Support for recommendation.

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