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Should my pet take Sous Vide cooked or Natural raw meals?
Should my pet take Sous Vide cooked or Natural raw meals?
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This depends entirely on your comfort level of feeding raw or your pet’s physiology. We would recommend Sous Vide meals if:

1. Your pet has IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease) where parts of the lower GI tract may be inflamed.

2. Has been on a dry food medium for most of its life and is senior (>10yrs old).

3. Your pet has a sensitive gut, and you require a slower transition to raw feeding e.g. kibbles -> sous-vide -> raw

4. Your pet has a temporary ailment such as amoebic parasites (giardia, coccidia), pancreatitis, or certain cancers that may preclude your pet from absorbing higher moisture foods like raw effectively.

5. Your pet does not favour the texture or taste of raw (although this may be a temporary issue and can be resolved via the gradual introduction of raw ingredients; or incentivisation using one of our many tantalising add-on toppers).

For all other cases, raw is still the most bioavailable food medium for our pets and there are extremely few who cannot transition to raw as it is a very digestible and natural food. If your pet is having abnormally wet stools while on raw meals, message BB Support for assistance as the most likely reason is usually allergies or overcomplexity.

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