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How do I get started?
How do I get started?
How to Order, What Do I Order? What meat or protein shall I start with?
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  1. Read the FAQs on the Home Page

  2. Click GET STARTED on the Home Page

  3. Enter your pet's details - ensure all fields are entered. We need this data in order to customise your pet's meals correctly. 

  4. Select the meal type - Natural (raw) or Sous Vide (gently cooked)

  5. Be sure to select a meal protein or meat that you KNOW your pet is good with. 

  6. Select any allergies that your pet may have to ensure we exclude such allergens from your pet's meals. 

  7. Select any add-ons from our Add-On section (within the order page) to trial any new meats. Add-ons are highly recommended to test meats on your pet before you rotate to them in your next order. 

  8. If you need to add multiple pets in the same order, at the bottom of the order page, you may click 'ADD PET'. Repeat steps 3-6 for each pet. 

  9. Proceed to the Delivery section and Payment. 

  10. Message BB Support for further tips and assistance!

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