This can happen for a few reasons: 

  1. The weight entered for your pet was significantly different from your pet's actual weight;

  2. Increased exercise/activity levels can improve pets' appetite. Similarly, a lack of exercise can reduce appetite;

  3. Change in feeding times or patterns. When fatigued, pets sometimes have a lack of appetite i.e.when fed very early in the morning or extremely late at night. There is no wrong or right in how many times your pet should be fed. 

If you feel that your pets' portions are insufficient, please do check their weight has been entered correctly, and select the 'weight gain' meal option if a larger portion is needed.

Alternatively, you may choose to have some add-ons in your order so you can manually add more quality meats to your pets' meals whenever you feel like it.

Feel free to message BB Support for further assistance.

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