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Meal ingredients size variation
Meal ingredients size variation

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BOM BOM meals are served in bite-sized chunks to preserve their micronutrients. As such, while we have stringent measures in place to ensure that all meals are portioned evenly, at times there may be variations in weight across the individual meal packs.

For ground bones, offals, and meats
Our ground bones tend to have some slight variation in terms of shape, thickness, and texture, depending on their densities. Likewise, each offal type may have varying densities.

For Whole bones

Bones can come in any shape and size, depending on the type and size of the animal, and body part (necks, feet, tails, etc). When whole bones are chosen for the meal plan, there may be variations in weight across the meal packs due to the differences in sizing and density of the whole bones. We do not cut the bones into gulpable, smaller pieces to prevent choking.

For pet owners who are concerned about bone sizes or prefer a more even bone distribution across meal packs, we recommend opting for ground bones.

While there may be a slight variance from meal to meal, please be assured that your pet’s meals will always be balanced throughout each order.

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