1. Nutrition Retention – Some micronutrients, especially vitamins are extremely heat-sensitive and can lose up to 40% of their bioavailability under most cooking methods. This may lead to nutritional deficiencies over time and pets may require supplementation. The nutrients in BOM BOM’s Sous Vide are naturally balanced, comprehensive and highly bioavailable for pets thus negating the need for supplementation.

2. No Supplementation Required. Every essential micronutrient or superfood booster is available through all our meals, add-ons and meal balancers.

3. Moisture Retention - crucial for kidney health. BOM BOM’s Sous Vide meals have more than 60% moisture content, compared to some cooked foods that may have less than 30% moisture content. Furthermore, a lot of electrolytes and proteins are contained in natural food moisture. If vigorously cooked or minced, that nutritious liquid can evaporate and all the nutrients dissipate with it. This puts further strain on the kidneys and nutritional deficiencies can lead to organ health deterioration over time.

4. Whole foods and not minced – The reduced surface area of our whole meat chunks ensure that maximum nutrition and moisture retention is achieved when cooking. Pets love to have a chew and there are certainly benefits to chewing over sucking food morsels up like a vacuum cleaner (certain pets that inhale food are more pre-disposed to life-threatening GDV/torsion of the stomach)

5. Not batch processed – This is to ensure that each individual meal pack’s content is balanced. The main issue with many cooked foods is that you can’t see the proportion of ingredients you are receiving in each meal; let alone the quality of the ingredients.

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