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Do I need to supplement?
Do I need to supplement?
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You can ditch those pricey vitamin supplements because BOM BOM's formula is comprehensive enough to cover your pet from Vitamin A to K. In fact, you are more likely to do harm than good if over-supplementing. If in doubt, please message us via BB Support or email us at While, you may continue to supplement probiotics, Salmon or Krill Oil, we do advise that in the first 2-3 weeks of feeding raw, you CEASE all supplementation. Most owners are not aware that some probiotics are derived from milk, and can trigger diarrhoea (many dogs and cats are lactose-intolerant) or certain Omega 3 oils are too 'rich, leading to very oily stool. After you are confident that your pet is comfortable with digesting at least 2 types of meats (e.g. chicken and beef), you can begin to re-introduce probiotics and omega 3 oils. BOM BOM's fresh fish add-ons are also ideal for pets with sensitivities to Omega 3 oils - feeding oily fish is a more measured and digestible way of introducing Omega 3s than with extracted oils. We also advise that probiotics should not be given on a prolonged, continued basis as this would hinder your pet's ability to generate their own healthy gut flora. BOM BOM's meals are also proven to alleviate joint issues such as hip dysplasia and luxating patella. No supplements required!

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