Meat chunk sizes
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Our meals contain meat chunks ranging from 2cm to 4cm pieces. If you feel that these pieces are too large for your pet (especially in the case of toothless pets), do cut them smaller.

It is every owner’s responsibility to know their pets’ eating habits and preferences.

Do bear in mind that with smaller pieces, your pet may be more prone to ‘gulping’/swallowing without chewing, which can present other life-threatening risks e.g. bloat or GDV (Gastric Dilatation Volvulus).

We do not practice feeding minced or ground meats as the vitamins and myoglobin (oxygen-binding protein located primarily in muscles) found in whole meats have been shown to degrade in the process of mincing and oxidation. Consuming meats that do not retain vitamins will eventually lead to deficiency and health issues, while reduced myoglobin may result in anemia.

Furthermore, minced or ground meats are more prone to rapid pathogenic bacteria spread and give no dental benefit. Plus, it's always nice to see what you're feeding your pets as opposed to wondering what's in a mashed-up patty!

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