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Should we feed vegetables?
Should we feed vegetables?
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Given the array of conflicting information on the Internet, this is one of the most frequently asked questions amongst discerning pet owners. While some vegetables are great sources of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, pets cannot rely on them as main nutrient providers. Dogs and cats are carnivorous by nature, requiring a highly bioavailable animal-based diet to meet nutritional needs. Sometimes, pet owners make the mistake of feeding too much vegetables. Imposing human diet principles on our pets is dangerous! Unlike humans, dogs and cats lack the enzyme, cellulase, to digest huge amounts of fibre from vegetables, and do not possess flat-grinding molars to grind down vegetable matter. Feeding the wrong vegetables can also lead to long-term health problems.

Firstly, antinutrients (such as phytic acid) present in some vegetables heavily reduce bioavailability and increase the risk of deficiencies. Secondly, certain root vegetables, due to their high starch content, can put unnecessary stress on the pancreas. Cruciferous or goitrogenic vegetables should also be minimised to prevent thyroid or hormone disorders and a compromised immune system. Evidently, feeding too much vegetables puts a strain on pets’ digestive systems. This internal stress manifests itself in indigestion (large amounts of smelly, soft, poo), poor skin and fur, low stamina, poor digestive ability, and a compromised immune system.

As synergistic complements to our pets’ diet, vegetables are offered as Meal Balancers and Add-Ons to BOM BOM meals – namely Fibre+, Forage+, and Antioxidant Green Cubes – each serving distinct purposes. For instance, Forage+ is a weekly rotation of fresh nutritive organic herbs chosen for their immunotonic and detoxifying qualities, while Fibre+ features an optimal blend of both insoluble and soluble fibres to regulate bowl movement, promote prebiotic generation, and optimise stool texture. Vegetables are carefully curated and appropriately portioned to ensure meals are well balanced. Our formulations ensure that maximum benefits are extracted without detracting from primary nutrients.

To get the best out of phytonutrients, leave them to BOM BOM to select your pet’s greens intake. 

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