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Which meat protein should I choose?
Which meat protein should I choose?
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BOM BOM recommends starting with a familiar protein that your pet has had before (i.e. no skin itching nor gut inflammation like diarrhoea/wet stools). Do bear in mind that processed or cooked proteins may not be a true representation of protein tolerance or allergy. Message BB Support for a diet recommendation.

Select our Transition plan to construct a pure single protein diet. This makes it easy for you to deduce and eliminate any allergens from your pet’s diet.

Once your pet has transitioned well on the first protein, you may trial other proteins using our meat Add-Ons to test for suitability. Refer to our “Trial” articles on how to trial before rotating. We strongly advocate rotating amongst at least 3 proteins, changing once every 2 weeks, alternating between poultries and red meats.

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