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Why is there a yellow tinge on the chicken liver?
Why is there a yellow tinge on the chicken liver?

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You may have noticed a yellow tinge on the chicken liver in some meal packs. This is normal and the liver is safe for consumption. The discolouration is due to the presence of bile, a fluid made and released by the liver. Poultry livers typically range in colour from tan to yellow to deep red. The yellow tinge is more apparent in kampung chicken (which BOM BOM uses) compared to broiler’s chicken (bred and raised specifically for meat production).

Occasionally, the meat jus in some sous vide meal packs containing chicken liver may also appear orange instead of pink. This is normal as well. When cooked, the bile-stained portions of the chicken liver may turn powdery. Upon thawing, the powdery portions may mix with the meat jus, giving rise to a slight orange tinge.

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