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Should I be concerned about thiaminase levels in raw fish?
Should I be concerned about thiaminase levels in raw fish?
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Certain fish possess thiaminase, an enzyme which catalyses/breaks down Vitamin B1 or Thiamin. Those feeding raw fish may be concerned with the Vitamin B1 deficiency but most of these fears are overblown for several reasons.

1. BOM BOM does not advocate feeding fish as a staple protein as it can give rise to deficiencies beyond Vitamin B1 (e.g. essential amino acid deficiencies). Fresh sashimi-grade fish should only ever be fed on a supplemental basis.

2. BOM BOM chooses fish that possess negligible thiaminase content. Larger pelagic species of fish tend to have a higher thiaminase content.

3. BOM BOM’s Omega+ meal balancer calculates the optimal amount of Omega 3 your furkid should be consuming that gives you Vitamin D, E, iodine, and sodium benefits which far outweighs any thiaminase risk. Once calculated, BOM BOM will distribute the requisite amount of fish amongst your furkid’s meals.

4. Our meals are abundant in Vitamin B complex vs our Omega+ meal balancer which contains a small portion of fish only so thiaminase risk is heavily outweighed by the nutritional benefits of feeding fish.

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