Ideally, meats should retain their original colour if cooked to a minimum. Colour denaturation can happen for several reasons:

1. Oxidation - BOM BOM’s meats are ultra-fresh and always under stringent cold chain management and packaging. This helps to minimise any decolouration caused by air causing fat peroxidation or vitamin or pigment deterioration.

2. Maillard reaction – when frying under high heat, the browning of meats is caused by denaturation of amino acids. While intense frying may impart aroma and be aesthetically pleasing, it isn’t the most nutritious way of preparing meals. BOM BOM’s Sous Vide meals are cooked under a controlled low temperature in a vacuumed environment to retain all the natural integrity of the meat – that means maximum nutrients and tender, juicy meats for your pet!

While the meats may appear a little pink in the middle, rest assured they are cooked right through.

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