Pets have very strong survival instincts and are unlikely to starve themselves out of food preference. However, if anticipate treats or alternative food to tide them over that fussy period, they may be more likely to prolong hunger-strikes (in hope of receiving treats). Do ensure that your pet has sufficient and readily available access to water throughout this fussy period. We hope by sharing these tips, it may help to condition your pet’s fickle or inconsistent eating patterns, thus preventing any food wastage or having to constantly change the food.

Training approach:

1.Cut the meats smaller if you think your pet is not used to having the current chunk sizes

2.Leave food out for 15 minutes. Be strict on this timing and avoid hand feeding.

3.If your pet is still refusing BOM BOM meals, put it back into an airtight container and refrigerate till the next meal.

4. Re-feed again at the next meal and repeat Step 2.

5. If food is still untouched, discard the food for hygiene reasons.

6. If by the third day and your pet is still refusing the healthy BOM BOM meals, you can consider going for the toppers approach below.

Reconditioning fussy eating habits is never a linear process. However, you can be assured that through conveying a consistent message i.e. these are your meals and you’re not receiving treats in place of a meal, your pet’s expectations will be more aligned with eating hearty meals and expecting less treats outside of meal times.

Toppers approach:

This could be a slower transition process and may have less results than the training approach. Use any one of the topper suggestions below:

1. Sprinkle our nutritional yeast which creates an umami flavour

2. Sprinkle our bonito flakes which creates a savoury flavour

3. Melt and drizzle our tasty bone broths

4. Shave a sparing amount of our beef marrow jelly and let it melt over the food. This will impart an aromatic, fatty flavour that pets may like it

5. Drizzle a teaspoonful of organic coconut oil over the food

6. Crumble some of your pet’s favourite treats or old food in powdered/mashed form to give a hint of the familiar/favourable aroma. (This idea is to help your pet positively associate the BOM BOM meals with a food they like or are used to)

7. Or if your pet may like a runny soft-boiled egg, you can drizzle some of it

8. Or anything else you know may work best to get your pet to lick the BOM BOM meals first

This process may take up to a week depending on your pet, and it is fine if the meals are not finished. For the leftovers, you can consider repeating Steps 1 to 4 of the training approach above. If that still doesn’t work, message BB Support for assistance. We will be on hand to support you to help your pet eat consistently well.

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