First of all, don’t panic! Most owners would relate raw food as the cause of any diarrhoea. Research has proven that commercially dried foods may have a chance of containing E.Coli or Salmonella and causing food-borne illnesses. With careful storing / feeding of raw foods, we should not let this hinder us from feeding our pets the natural and nutritious diet they deserve and enjoy!

The majority of pets that start on BOM BOM do great and have decent poo from day one. At worst, some pets may have some wet coating and softness in the stools, but this should firm up over time. If your pet is experiencing liquid stools with zero form and several times per day, please review your pet’s dietary intake (supplements, dairy, treats, other food, potential allergens, fat levels, etc), activities (pet cafes, day-care, dog runs or any other communal events), and message BB Support for assistance.

Persistent diarrhoea is rarely caused by food-related pathogens. If a pet consumes spoiled food, the offending bacteria would usually be ejected within a few days. If your pet has persistent and chronic diarrhoea (i.e. uncontrollable, shapeless, poo puddles that occur more than 3 times per day for several days), it is likely that your pet might have picked up a bug or parasite from the walk in the park, sniffing or licking something they should not have.

Consult a trusted vet who understands the benefits of feeding raw, can perform a stool sample analysis test and can offer a clear explanation of what caused the diarrhoea. Feel free to message BB Support if in doubt.

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