Most pets are apprehensive about new foods. Kibbles contain added flavourings and on the other hand, cooked food tends to be more fragrant as the aroma is imparted. Less food-motivated pets may initially boycott new food but after trying the BOM BOM meals, they may love it and will reap the benefits of eating better!

Most fussier pets may get tired of their old food and eventually they don't provide the level of nutrition that the BOM BOM diet does. If your pet is not eating for the first day or two, don't be put off by it because your pet may need more time to get used to seeing and smelling a different type of food. With more familiarisation, they will venture a taste and enjoy it more!

BOM BOM provides both Sous Vide and Natural meals which gives a variety of textures, flavours and sensations. Do check out our Fussy Eaters' Guide article to get more tips. Feel free to message BB Support for further assistance.

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