Skipping meals can happen for a number of reasons:  

  1. Teething - your pet doesn't want to exert pressure on their achy gums. This difficult period usually passes within 1-1.5 months of teething. 

  2. Nausea / Sickness - if they are on certain medication or not feeling well, they may not have an appetite.

  3. Being fussy - to signal their protest, pets will do their utmost to convince us that they prefer to be fed treats 24/7 than eat a wholesome square meal. A little bit of tough love goes a long way - pick up their food bowl if they don't finish their food within 20 minutes and refrigerate till the next meal. It sounds draconian, but hunger is usually the most effective disciplinarian and is an important lesson for any young pet! Please search for our Fussy Eaters' Guide article to get more tips!

  4. Growing Up - Little pups and kittens experience rapid growth in their first few months. They can go from eating like starving beasts to boycotting food like poison. That's their way of telling you that they may not need 3 meals a day anymore and may only want 2 meals per day, or portion sizes need to be reduced. Fortunately, BOM BOM's proprietary algorithm takes care of that - once you enter your pet's DOB, we will know what portion sizes your young pet needs. Their portion sizes will evolve as your young pet grows up - we take the guesswork out of how much to feed them! 

    Feel free to message BB Support for further assistance.

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